Live Casino Bonuses

Pennsylvania is a haven for gamblers in the US. Though Las Vegas boasts of the world’s top land-based casinos and some other states have legalized online casino operations, Pennsylvanians by far enjoy the best casino experience anywhere in the country. One of the many reasons this is true is because of the live casino bonus offered by every Pennsylvanian online casino. While some bonuses increase players’ bankroll, others help them cut their losses, and yet others reward them for their patronage. Let’s take a look at the various types of bonuses you can take advantage of to take your gambling experience to a whole new level.

Welcome bonus

Visit any casino website and you’re guaranteed to see the first page screaming at you with a welcome bonus offer. It’s a type of live casino bonus that casinos use to incentivize new players to sign up. Thus, it’s probably the best offer you’ll ever get from an online casino.

Usually, welcome bonuses have free spins on slot games and extra cash in your casino account. But in order to drive a hard bargain, many casinos come up with innovative live casino bonus offers they call “Welcome Packages”. In some cases, you may even get a choice to choose from several welcome bonus propositions.

Deposit bonus

Similar to how welcome bonuses require to sign up before you can avail them, deposit bonuses require you to make a deposit. A deposit bonus usually matches your deposit amount (either in part or whole), thus giving you extra cash in your account. 

Deposit bonuses help players in increasing their bankroll and allow them to play longer and bet higher. Note that you can only convert the casino’s bonus money into real money if you have met the wagering requirements in all respects. 

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is essentially free money given to you by the casino in order to sign up. You don’t have to deposit money to your casino account to receive the live casino bonus, as indicated in its name. However, no deposit bonuses are low in value and do have wagering requirements attached to them. Though they don’t increase your bankroll significantly, you can use them to check out a new website, try a new game, or experiment with a new strategy.

VIP and loyalty bonus

Casinos love to show appreciation to their loyal players. One of the many ways they do this is by creating a VIP or Loyalty program. Members of this program are handed out exclusive and latest bonuses, promotions, and rewards. Different casinos have different parameters based on which they allow players to join the VIP and Loyalty Program: how much time a player has spent in the casino, how much money a player has used in the casino, how many deposits the player has made in a certain period etc. 


Another way casinos show their appreciation toward their regular players is by alleviating their pains. Casinos offer cashback bonuses to players who’ve had a bad day at their games. So when you lose too many times and in succession, you may become eligible to receive a cashback bonus from your online casino.

How to choose a live casino bonus?

You have seen all the different types of bonuses that online casinos generously hands out. But not every bonus is created equal; some are better than others while a few are traps in disguise. Even among the great casinos on our list, here’s how should you go about choosing the best casino bonus.

  • Bonus percentage

    When it comes to bonus percentages, bigger is not better. For instance, bonuses with percentages above 200% tend to have more wagering requirements, so prefer 100-200%.

  • Maximum bonus amount

    Before you get swayed by the bonus percentage, always look at the maximum bonus amount the casino will offer for a given deposit.

  • Max bet size

    If you don’t want a max bet size limit to hinder your fun, pick a bonus with a high limit on the bet size.

  • Wagering requirements

    Make sure the wagering requirements are extremely low and that playing the game you’re interested in will contribute towards meeting the said requirements.

Use our list to find a good casino and use the above guide to pick the right bonus, and you’re well on your way to having the best casino experience possible. Good luck there!